ESG - Environmental Social & Governance

2023 ESG Report

Our commitment to responsible business practices, team and community support and environmental stewardship has long been embedded in our business. Together with our values, we view ESG practices as core to delivering long-term growth, value creation and positive impact.

The consideration of these factors in our ESG strategy helps us succeed financially over the long-term. We also consider sustainability in terms of societal and environmental impact while recognizing that the term sustainability may be used in some cases to reference environmental sustainability. Ultimately, we believe that there are potential synergies between being financially sustainable and having positive societal and environmental impact, and achieving that synergy is central to our ESG program.

Pillars Of Our ESG Strategy

Invest in Our People
We invest in a diverse workforce that values our employees’ unique contributions. We aim to maintain an inclusive environment in which all employees bring their whole selves to work.

Incorporate Sustainability into Our Products and Services
We help our clients make more sustainable and impactful decisions through our affordable housing business line, green building opportunities, and other integrated solutions.

Operate Responsibly
By governing our business in responsible ways, we build our clients’ confidence in our ability to effectively act on their behalf and provide ethical and reliable services.

Care for the Environment
We strive to implement environmentally friendly practices throughout our operational footprint and across our property investments to minimize our environmental impact.

Building Lasting Impact:
Our Vision for Commercial Real Estate

Berkadia’s 2023 ESG Report details the progress we have made towards advancing our ESG initiatives. We believe our commitment to these strategic areas will create long-term value for our stakeholders and achieve sustainable business success.

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Best Places to Work

Berkadia is committed to providing a safe workplace where our employees feel their contributions are valued, they are empowered to create positive impact, and can grow their careers. As a result, Berkadia was selected as one of GlobeSt.’s Best Places to Work in 2023.


There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise at Berkadia and Berkadians are the most supportive group of individuals I have ever worked with. I enjoy taking the time to meet with and learn from folks in a variety of roles.

Lexie Hoffpauir
Employee Communications Manager

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I believe I am most passionate about the future-facing aspect of the role, [analysts] are the first to really ‘build the story’ of how the property will develop in tandem with economic trends.

Robert Dinkins
Investment Sales Analyst

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The best advice I could give to my younger self is don’t be afraid to try something new and always be open to learning.

Meghan Pellens
Director – Production Operations, Analytics

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At Berkadia, it feels like we’re in a constant state of change and improvement. Each pivot brings an opportunity for individuals to take ownership and grow professionally.

Mat Polanco
Program Director

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What drew me to Berkadia were the people – the culture and the emphasis that is placed in that culture. It truly feels like a place that wants to build you up and help you succeed.

Eglae Recchia
Senior Vice President – Product

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The biggest thing that stood out to me when I was interviewing with Berkadia was that the interviewers had a calming presence and it felt more like a conversation. The relaxed yet thoughtful nature of the interview allowed me to be comfortable yet confident with my responses.

Joe McSweeney

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Berkadia is a company full of people who are not only dedicated to excellence in their own work, but also to the success and well-being of their colleagues and clients. I strive to uphold these tenets in my own work while helping lead Berkadia to new heights. It is genuinely an exciting place to be.

Steve Manzo
Internal Communications Specialist
Corporate Marketing

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My calling as an HR professional stems from my expertise in forging meaningful relationships with people, along with generating solution-oriented HR processes.

Saugat Roy
Senior Manager
Global Production Operations

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Berkadia has also accepted me for me and created a safe environment where I can bring my authentic self to work every day. I feel like Berkadia is a unique employer that allows individuals to flourish and bring their perspectives and personalities to the table every step of their career journey!

Emma Petersen
Talent Acquisition

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When people tell you that you have to be a lifelong learner – it’s true. Also, it’s clear that Berkadia’s value that “We Love Our Jobs” is true in the workplace.

Ben Petrulis
Mortgage Banking

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