Why Investor Interest In Single-Family Rental & Built-to-Rent Continues

On April 5, we proudly hosted the Berkadia Beyond Insights Webinar: Why Investor Interest in Single-Family Rental & Built-to-Rent Continues. Real estate consulting expert John Burns, CEO of John Burns Research and Consulting, discussed the banking crisis, recession thesis, housing demand and investment financing.

Key Takeaways

  • Lending to remain tight due to banking crisis
  • Recession reminder, most are fueled by excessive debt
  • Solid housing demand, however will slip with recession
  • Investment financing is not very feasible
    • 15 months of rising rates challenge both for-rent and for-sale development industries
  • Regional roundup

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Jeff Coles

SVP - Client Solutions

John burns

CEO – Johns Burn Research and Consulting

Mark Forrester

Senior Managing Director