People Matter – And So Does Representation

January 19, 2023

We remain steadfastly committed to all of our values here at Berkadia. People Matter is one of those guiding principles and, colleague or client, we know our relationships are invaluable.  

Meaningfully, in an industry which has not historically been reflective of the diverse world in which it operates, Berkadia recognizes that we must ‘be the change we want to see in others.’ I am beyond proud of the work our inclusive platform, BELONG, has achieved to ensure we’re driving this change and representing diverse voices and perspectives across our industry. 

Berkadia walks the walk when it comes to representation. Our recruitment efforts have resulted in increased diversity of our workforce (nearly 10% increase in representation of our new hire population for People of Color and women) since BELONG’s inception in 2020. On that note, I’m thrilled to share changes across our production leadership team that are driving collaboration across our organization, especially among our Investment Sales and Mortgage Banking platforms. Further, I’m proud to say that these changes mean that Berkadia Institutional Solutions now happens to be run by an all-female leadership team. 

Hilary Provinse has been promoted to Head of Capital Markets and Production Strategy, Co-Head of Mortgage Banking and Institutional Solutions. She will lead the integration of our production network and continue to build a supportive, growth-promoting environment for our commercial real estate professionals while working closely with Mary Ann King, Co-Head of Institutional Solutions to build the best institutional investment platform in the business.    

Mary Ann King joined us in 2021 and at that time we launched Berkadia Institutional Solutions, a platform built on trust, client service and collaboration, and dedicated to serving institutional investors through our robust suite of services and resources and will continue to do so in partnership with Dori Nolan, Senior Vice President – Institutional Solutions. 

Dori Nolan has been influential in driving a number of strategic plans across the organization, including the expansion of Berkadia Institutional Solutions. Our production network and clients alike recognize the positive impact of her efforts.  

In our internal planning for 2023, we talked a lot about the concept of “One Berkadia” – a cohesive, collaborative workforce, stronger when we’re united as one – one team, representative of different perspectives, cultures, backgrounds and voices that only make us stronger. Hilary, Mary Ann and Dori will continue to drive the values of One Berkadia throughout our network so that our clients reap the benefits of a seamlessly unified Berkadia. I look forward to the continuing impact of the leadership these three women will bring to Berkadia in 2023 and beyond. The future is bright as we strive to build the best culture in our industry while efficiently serving our clients. 

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-Justin Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer  

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