BeBerkadia Spotlight: Ivy Greco

January 18, 2024

At Berkadia, our success is built upon the talent and hard work of a broad, diversely skilled team. From analysts to loan closing specialists to managing directors each of our people brings a unique background, perspective and expertise. Their work allows Berkadia to remain a leader in the commercial real estate industry.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Ivy Greco, a Graphic Designer on the Corporate Marketing team, to learn more about her role at Berkadia, what part of her role she is most passionate about, and advice she’d give the younger version of herself.

Describe your role at Berkadia.

As a graphic designer at Berkadia, I work as a creative partner on the Corporate Marketing team; where we uphold and expand the Berkadia brand through strategic marketing. Advertising, social and web optimization, communications, public relations, and events are a few examples of the tactics used to grow Berkadia’s reach.

The details of my role vary day-to-day, but every day I get to enjoy working in a collaborative, fast-paced environment where challenges are creatively solved. How we–the in-house creative team–go about designing a solution depends on the problem at hand, but we do it all, from digital, to print, and motion design.

What part of your role are you most passionate about?

I find passion in my work through a strong focus on curiosity, craftsmanship, and teamwork. I love what I do, as good design has the power to connect people to their wants and needs. When I look back at my career it will be one well spent serving others by positively impacting communities through visual design.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself coming into the commercial real estate industry? What is the best piece of advice you have received?
If I had the chance, I would tell my younger self to just keep opening those doors and walking through them proudly, because all the doors that closed were meant to. Look at failure as re-direction to get us where you should be, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn what you can and move on with a positive attitude and your newfound knowledge.  

The best piece of advice I got along the way was simply that “Action creates change.” Just start somewhere and you can go anywhere.

When you’re not helping Berkadia move the industry forward, how do you spend your time?

If you can’t find me behind a computer screen designing, you can find me at the gym, a local café with a friend, or relaxing with loved ones.

How has your time at Berkadia helped to accelerate your personal and professional development?

Professionally, Berkadia provides a lot of career guidance and growth opportunities. Such as getting more into animation design, learning about the ins and outs of great marketing, and cross collaborating with a diverse community of professionals.

Personally, I get to build relationships with awesome people, gain new perspectives to carry outside of work, and enjoy the benefits of working for a company that genuinely cares about the people that compose it.

Anything else you would like to add?

Berkadia is a company filled with talented, hardworking, and kind people. The work culture here invites refreshingly open and honest collaborations, and in turn, exciting and innovative outcomes. I am pleased to fit into the mix as a creative designer, I truly enjoy my day-to-day at work and the team I get to support.

– Ivy Greco, Graphic Designer

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