Backed by the Best: Caleb Troop

December 13, 2023

At Berkadia, we redefine commercial real estate by offering long-term investments through our mortgage bankers and investment sales advisors. Our producers are industry experts with diverse backgrounds and exceptional market knowledge. When you choose Berkadia, you’re choosing a long-term relationship that goes further than the transaction, you are being backed by the best.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Managing Director Caleb Troop, an investment sales advisor in Charlotte covering primary as well as secondary markets in the Carolinas. Caleb has experience across a broad spectrum of asset disposition work, from institutional Class A new construction properties to private client and multifamily land brokerage efforts.

Caleb has been in Charlotte for over 12 years now, where he met his wife and are raising their family of four. In addition to their four-year-old son Wesley, Caleb and his wife just adopted a newborn baby girl this fall. He was born and raised in the Midwest but considers Charlotte home, now frequently going to the beaches and mountains and enjoying the vibrancy of the growing city.  

Before coming to Berkadia, Caleb spoke with various nationwide firms before he settled on a company. Berkadia ended up being the best landing spot for him because it had the back-end support and long-standing leadership, but still felt entrepreneurial. He knew joining Berkadia would allow him to have meaningful relationships with the executive team. Caleb relies heavily on the ability to lean on the best mortgage banking network and presence in the country on a daily basis, particularly now during what is a more volatile capital markets environment. This leaves the guesswork out of underwriting and allows him to have more meaningful decision-making conversations with buyers and sellers.  

Be Berkadia means being open. Our world as a broker is often notoriously housed in a silo. But Berkadia stresses being open minded and open to communicate with fellow brokers across territories,” said Troop. “I am able to learn so much by picking up the phone and talking to colleagues across the Sun Belt and beyond. There is so much investment carried over across regions, and the integrated nature of Berkadia benefits both me and my clients. The first deal I closed at Berkadia, ironically, was exactly this – I paired with our broker partners based in Atlanta on an asset in Georgia. It was seamless both for us and for the buyer and seller. A total win-win.”

Since joining Berkadia the biggest aspect that has surprised Caleb would be how buttoned up the organization is, from top to bottom.

“Often times it’s the little things, but they add up,” Troop said. “The marketing and support staff are always one step ahead – I never have to worry about branding at events or in Berkadia’s marketing packages, for example. Berkadia’s research team always has incredible insights before I can even think to ask for them. Berkadia’s leadership is 100 percent dedicated to managing and growing the organization, and it is always felt by the employees. This allows me to focus on servicing clients to the best of my ability, and it motivates me to live up to the expectations set firm wide.”

In times of uncertainty, Caleb guarantees his clients access to data sources and insights nationwide, whether it’s from investment sales, mortgage banking, Innovation, etc. – Berkadia has the data points that decision makers need to act and to ensure that the information gets translated in a meaningful, actionable way. An example of this is with property insurance right now, especially in the Coast Carolinas markets like Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, and Charleston, which Caleb focuses on.

“I am able to give buyers and sellers real-time information on what the coastal Carolinas insurance market looks like, so investors can underwrite an asset correctly. Principals are craving accurate data and Berkadia is one of the few firms set up to actually assist in that area,” Troop added.

Industry experts like Managing Director Caleb Troop capitalize on the tools and resources that Berkadia offers, placing him ahead of competitors. He exemplifies the expertise and dedication found here at Berkadia.

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