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At Berkadia, we believe people matter. And no matter where you sell, buy or finance—or where you’d like to do so in the future—we have the best commercial real estate professionals across the country to help you make it happen.

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We see our clients as partners, and we’ll be by your side for the entire life cycle of the partnership. Click to find your newest partner.

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What it Means to be Berkadia

The best advice I could give to my younger self is don’t be afraid to try something new and always be open to learning.

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Meghan Pellens

Director – Production Operations, Analytics

My calling as an HR professional stems from my expertise in forging meaningful relationships with people, along with generating solution-oriented HR processes.

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Saugat Roy

Senior Manager
Global Production Operations

What drew me to Berkadia were the people – the culture and the emphasis that is placed in that culture. It truly feels like a place that wants to build you up and help you succeed.

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Eglae Recchia

Senior Vice President – Product

I strongly believe in and encourage everyone to challenge oneself constantly and become a better version of yourself. No matter what profession you are in or what drives you, there is always an ocean of knowledge you can explore and that is the only way we can truly grow.

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Divyesh Agrawal

Senior Manager
Servicing Operations

I enjoy serving as a mentor, advocating for women in the business and have worked with predominantly female teams since the inception of my career 22 years ago.

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Adrienne Barr

Senior Managing Director

Always be open to learning something new about yourself, even if it is tough to swallow. It will make you better AND stronger in the long run.

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Ashlyn Delson

SVP – Corporate Marketing

Over time, the more I am here the more interested in mortgage banking and investment sales I become. Specifically, multifamily housing -it’s kind of perfect because it is a blend of residential and commercial real estate!

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Laura Horton

Mortgage Banking

There is no shortcut to success—acquire knowledge beyond your work routines and fully embrace change. We are all living in a very dynamic and fast changing world—challenge yourself and give your best every day.

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Mohammed Idris

Primary Servicing

My advice would be to stay receptive and develop a curiosity and knack for questioning. Be confident and believe that you will be able to achieve anything with your efforts and diligence.

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Nitya Shukla

Assistant Manager
Global Production Operations

At Berkadia, it feels like we’re in a constant state of change and improvement. Each pivot brings an opportunity for individuals to take ownership and grow professionally.

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Mat Polanco

Program Director

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